“I’ve got the impression that God gave me another chance to get to know Him”. These are the words from the 31-years old Mai. Today she visits me at home and sits on the couch. Last week she was in the hospital for several days again due to a kidney disease.

Today she tells me that a few months ago the doctor wasn’t sure if she would stay alive. But she is still alive and heard about God again. And God isn’t a strange God to her. When she was 12-years old she went to church weekly. Now she heard about God again and she experiences it as a second chance: ‘I want to know more about God again’. Weeks passing by and Mai learns more about God, she learns to pray to God again.

During one of the Bible studies we talked about obstacles in our lives that withholds us to choose for the Lord Jesus. Mai tells that at the moment it is a certain Buddhist ritual in which her son will participate. Every son needs to become a monk in the temple for a certain amount of time. In this way he thanks his mother for raising him and it builds up the mother’s karma in a positive sense.

God did touch Mai, despite the fact that she is still attached to other values, rituals, beliefs, thinking. Jesus calls to leave everything behind you and follow Him, but this U-turn is not made directly by everyone. We see that God touched an heart and continuously let Himself be known. We pray that Mai will turn to Him and grab His outstretched hand.

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