The story of auntie N and the rice harvest

We have seen that Thai Christians are really aware of God’s provision and protection in stories from their lives.  As they share these personal testimonies with one another, the local Christians are built up and encouraged.  The following story had this effect on the Christians in Kham Muang District.  This past rice season, Auntie N and her husband had a number of rice fields to gather harvest.  They did not get the help that they were hoping for, so they ended up harvesting it mostly themselves.   This meant that Auntie N, who is a Christian, was mostly not able to attend many worship gatherings during that time.  She expressed that she did not like having to miss worship gatherings in order to harvest rice.  One of the final days of their harvesting,

they were loading a truck with bundles of harvested rice stalks.  The truck was loaded high with these bundles of rice, and although Auntie N usually doesn’t ride on top of the bundles, on this particular day she and her 3 year old granddaughter were riding on top of the rice bundles as her husband drove the truck from the rice field.  While they were riding together on top of the rice truck, her granddaughter began to sing a Christian song about how Jesus has victory over Satan.  As the truck was leaving the field, it was very rough to the point of the truck overturning.  The bundles of rice spilled out and although Auntie N and her granddaughter were riding on top and could have been badly injured, God protected them from any harm.  Auntie N said that they amazingly slid gently down the spilling rice bundles and onto the ground.  This story was a great encouragement to Auntie N and her granddaughter!  It was also an opportunity when Auntie N’s husband was more accepting of Auntie N being a Christian, as he heard his granddaughter singing the Christian song and saw how God protected them from injury.  Praise God for these stories of protection and provision!  Please pray for Auntie N and her granddaughter as they walk with Jesus day by day in victory over Satan.  Please pray that non-Christian relatives will be open to the gospel as Christians are able to share stories of God’s provision and protection ‘

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