Standing in the light

Last month, the parents of a local believer showed interest in learning more about Jesus.  Praise God, that the mom has taken the step of faith and was baptized a few weeks ago!  It is a joy to see the light in her eyes as she shares stories of things that God is doing in her life. She recently told us a testimony of God’s protection.  She was out in her fields harvesting rice with a number of other people, when dark rain clouds started circling all around.  The people helping her were all starting to fear, because if it rains during the harvesting process the whole crop can get moldy and potentially ruined.  However, this lady, who is full of faith, said she prayed and asked God to keep the rain off of her fields.  She said that it was amazing to see God answer her prayer, as the rain clouds circled all around their fields, but her fields stayed in the light and stayed dry!  Praise God that He is growing their faith!  Please continue to pray for this family as they are they are seeing many answers to prayers, but are also experiencing many challenges and attacks.  Please also pray for the husband and son of this lady, that they too would make the decision to follow Jesus.

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