‘So please, can you tell me again, what I should do according to your faith?’ A neighbor lady came to the only Christian in the village. She was desperate and scared. A week ago her granddaughter of 10 years old had fallen on her head and she was still unconscious. The Christian man in the village was quite surprised. The lady had heard about Jesus, but hadn’t talked or asked about it afterwards. Today she wanted to know more. The Christian man explained to her again about God’s healing power and how to pray.

The man himself started to pray for this lady and her granddaughter too.

Two days later the lady came back to tell that her granddaughter woke up and was conscious again! She was impressed by what God had done for her family. God took away her fear.

And God takes away our fears as well. We were going on Home Assignment, which is wonderful and scary at the same time. Wonderful because of all the loved ones we are able to meet back home. Scary because we have to leave our work for a while. Will the church survive? Our fear is understandable from a human perspective. But we don’t have to be scared, because God’s presence is not dependent on us. We may be present for a while, but local believers will represent God daily and in the long run. God is present in many ways to draw men, Women and children to Himself.

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