Saved by grace

Mee Kaet is a quiet 67 year-old widow. She has been afflicted by Diabetes for many years now. When she first came to our church service, she couldn’t stand or walk on her own, she had to be assisted by at least two people all the time. Her legs were covered with wounds that seeped blood and pus. We prayed for her in church and after a few weeks the wounds had dried up and her legs were much stronger, although she still needed to be assisted. A few months ago, she made a commitment to follow Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour and she took baptism on Christmas Day.

Her father, when he was alive, had been a Christian but no one else in the family had followed him. And now, Mee Kaet, in her old age had remembered his father’s faith in Christ and was curious to know what this faith was all about. Our newly baptized members from her village introduced her to our church and since then she has been very regular to our meetings.

They live about 10 minutes’ drive from our village and we would pick her up along with the others every Sunday for service. When we go to their house to pick them up, we could sense the hostility and disapproval of her children. One day, when we went there to pick her up, she said that she was in too much pain to come to church. She was in tears because she couldn’t come and asked us to pray for her. We did, and from the following Sunday onwards she has been able to come regularly again every Sunday.

It is wonderful to see the change in her face -from a worried invalid to a joyful Christian, who is being healed by the love of Christ. Her children no longer oppose to her coming to our fellowship, they even helped us with the preparation of food and venue for our Christmas outreach program. Mee Kaet said that all her friends who also had diabetes have all died years ago. We tell her that God has spared her life for a reason. We praise God for his wonderful work in the life of Mee Kaet and also request your prayers for her children so that they will also come to know Christ and believe in him.

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