Puii’s story

Puii is a 38-year-old lady, who we met through other Christians.  She has lived near us for a couple of months.  Before that time, she lived in Bangkok.  One day, as we talked with her and her husband about starting a cell group, she told us the following story from her life.

When Puii was 10 years old, a missionary had come to the primary school of Baan Cook (The town where we met Puii) to tell about Jesus. Nobody in the school was interested except Puii.  She became a believer, but she was the only one in her family and in her neighbourhood.
Later, Puii married and moved to another place to become a nurse in a hospital.  One day when she was sitting behind a computer in the hospital, a woman, who was a complete stranger to her stopped in front of her and said; ‘You need to go seek God again!’ Puii responded by asking her; ‘Are you a Christian?’  The lady said; “yes.”  Puii told her that she was a Christian as well and Puii started attending a church in that place.

However, the family moved again and Puii didn’t know if there was a church in her new town.  After a while her arm started aching.  Around that time, she met a Christian who was evangelizing in the town. He asked her whether she wanted to now Jesus and he also offered that they could pray for her arm.  She responded that she was a Christian and she asked him where the church was.  That Sunday she went to the church and the Christians prayed and her arm was healed.

The family moved again, this time to Bangkok. Puii said that she didn’t find a church in her neighbourhood and ended up not looking any further.  One of the reasons was that her husband, Bon, was not yet a Christian and didn’t support her in being a Christian.  Their three children were also not believing in Jesus.  Then, one day her daughter came to Puii and asked what she was doing every night, with her eyes closed.  Puii explained that she was praying to God, and her daughter subsequently became a believer.  Together they started searching for a church.  Once they found a church, her daughter was baptized and Puii once again began going to church.  This time a house church in Bangkok.

A couple of years later, her husband, Bon, suffered from pain in the neck.  He could hardly move his neck.  Puii had tried to convince her husband to go to church before to no avail.  However, this time, Puii got him to promise to go to church with her in order to let the people there pray for him.  On that same night, Puii’s mother-in-law called to ask her to come and help for a few days in their new house in Hua Hin, which is 2 hours away from Bangkok. Puii felt desperate because she felt she could not refuse her mother-in-law, but knew that if she went, that Bon would not go to church.  That night she cried and prayed and the next morning her mother-in-law called her to say it was not necessary after all for Puii to come.  As Puii told us this story, she began to have tears in her eyes.  Bon did go to church that Sunday and his neck was healed.  He became a believer and started helping in the worship band.

Now Puii’s mother, who also became a believer, has died.  Puii and Bon moved from Bangkok back to Baan Cook, to live in the house of Puii’s father.  They want to start a church, and we are looking forward starting a cell group with them!

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