Pedaling with your hands

“The Lord healed me, now I am determined to help other handicapped people too. Tomorrow we will send the bike by post!” Sijmen is talking on the phone with a stranger. Through others Pon could get hold of her details and so he could request the bike. A tricycle made to pedal with your hands. Brother Pon uses his wheelchair in most cases, but this tricycle will increase his mobility for sure.

Pon is using his tricycle for three days now. Daily practice to be able to get further and further. He would love to cycle to church (7 km) and maybe he could even help sell products from the local bakery shop in his village.

Sometimes we wonder when it is time for the church in Manchakhirie to be on its own. It is such a small group of people coming from several villages. Should we split into three house groups and having joined fellowship once a month? How could we help the brothers and sisters we fetch on Sundays to come church with their own transport?

Going for a short holiday break these questions rise again. Who is going to do what, who is coming to church how? Several ladies decide to take their motor bike (three/ four people on one bike is not a big problem), Pon is going to try to use his tricycle.

God will care in time.

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