One sows and another reaps

We have, indeed, witnessed the truth of this Bible verse.  We have been in our place of ministry, a small town called Na Nongthum, Isaan Thailand for just a year and it has been so encouraging to see the amazing work of God in many ways.

Through evangelism in our area and nearby villages, we had had some contacts, whom we expected, would eventually become followers of Christ.  However, we were faced, on many occasions, with disappointments after disappointments after many of them stopped coming to our fellowship, some of whom we never even saw again, although a few of them have continued to come regularly without making a commitment to follow Christ.

A few months ago, we saw God opening doors for us

through the Reading Glass Project.  During the months of June and July, on two Sundays, we distributed reading glasses after our fellowship services. Drawn by this, many people came and attended our worship service, which gave us opportunities to share the gospel to many people. Although many of them came just for the reading glasses and never came back, there are some people who still continue to come to our fellowship.

The news about our distribution of the reading glasses spread in the nearby villages as well. When Mee Nii, a 49 year old lady, from another village heard about it, she came and searched for us on a Sunday, and we invited her to our fellowship meeting.

She said that, her sisters and brothers in Chiangmai and Udonthani were believers and that through them she and her family heard of the gospel two years ago. She became increasingly interested in Christianity to the point that she stopped going to the Wat (temple) and wanted to follow Christ. She wanted to go to church but since there were none nearby, she just stayed at home.  When she heard about us and our fellowships on Sundays, she was very excited and came looking for us.

The week after she visited us, we also went to visit her in her house. When Mee Nii’s mother, Yiay  Liang a 72 year old woman saw our car, she came running to meet us. She said that she had seen the “car belonging to the Christians” so she had come to meet us. She kept on thanking the Lord saying “Khoop Khun Prachaw” for getting the opportunity to meet us.  We had a good time talking to them and sharing the gospel with them. The next couple of Sundays, they came to join us in our fellowship, bringing with them Mee Nii’s father a 74 year old man, with them.  The Holy Spirit was at work in their hearts, and on 31st August the three of them took baptism. We rejoice in the Lord for his wonderful works and for calling us to reap what we have not sown.

God has done great things for us, and we rejoice in it.  This is the Lord’s doing it is marvelous in our eyes.

Other people are sowing the seeds and we harvest.

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