Neighbors interested in the Lord

I was with my daughter Rya at our neighbor Yaay Phim’s (“Grandma Phim”) house, let’s call her Grandma Pam. Grandma Pam has been a real person of peace for us in the community, she is always inviting us to festivals and she set up the once a week English teaching that I do for the kids in the community at her home, she is a great blessing. While I was at her house she looks at me and asks, “Why are you different than other foreigners?” I told her, “Because I am a Christian and I worship the Creator of the world.” She looks around to see if anybody is around and in a soft quiet voice, she says, “I like Christianity a lot.”

I asked her if she was interested in the Lord and she quietly tells me that she and the teenage orphan Youee (we will call her Suzie) that lives at her house are both interested. Then she tells me how one of our good Christian friends from our fellowship (Boom) has invited them to our OMF Isaan church camp in October. She said she really wants to go. Praise the Lord! This has brought so much encouragement to our family and to Boom as well. Please pray for Grandma Pam and Suzie, that their curiosity in the Lord would increase and they would know Him. Our God is the God of gods and Lord of lords, the great, the mighty, and the awesome, and causes dead lifeless stones to come to life and declare His glory’

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