Ice cream with goose bumps

It’s always a pleasure to visit the local ice cream shop. Not only for the ice cream, but the owner is a very enthusiastic, happy lady. We always get a big welcome with smiles and light-hearted small talk. But actually today she stayed quiet for a moment, followed by the statement, ‘I get goose bumps!’ The lady started telling us that this morning she got a phone call from her younger brother. He lives and works in Bangkok and this morning called and told her that he became a Christian together with his wife. The owner of the ice cream shop and her father, who lives with her, were a little bit confused. This coming weekend the younger brother would come over for a visit. They wondered what they would do with him.

The owner of the ice cream shop had thought of the church they had seen in their small town. She said she wanted to visit us and wanted to ask a few questions about this new faith and if the younger brother could come to church on Sunday. But before she even had a chance to come visit the church, we were there, right in front of her!
By that time, we all had goose bumps, and it was not only because of the ice cream that had been served to us by that time.  We thanked God, who had brought us together on that day! We were able to explain a little bit more of our God and Savior.
This was a new experience for us. Most of the time we introduce the Lord Jesus to people and they have to tell their family members. Telling family members of their new faith is a big hurdle for many new Christians: How will my parents, grandparents and other family members react? What if my family does not want me to follow the Lord Jesus?
Today we were at the other side. We heard lots of questions, but we are thankful that this family is open to meet with their brother and son. They want to see and discover what this new faith will do in his life.
And once in a while we will be visiting the ice cream shop and will see what God has in store next time….

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