I can’t afford another baby

Miu contacted Nampu-Fountain Ministry about one year ago. She was 23, already had three children, and was expecting her 4th. The family did not see how they could provide for yet another child since the husband had no job at that time. We visited and looked at the socio-economic situation and possible help. We prayed with them for a job for the husband. It didn’t take long before he found work in a neighboring province. The family could live in the house of husband’s mother and gradually build their own home.

A healthy baby girl was born in July. We continued to visit and provide material help as needed. Each time we shared the Gospel with them. It was all new to them but granny thought they were good stories and wanted the children from the neighborhood to listen to them too. In February I got to know a pastor from the town near their village and asked him to join us when we would visit again beginning of March. It worked out very well. The pastor has a great heart and gift to share the gospel and seemed to link well with granny. We others shared individually with Miu and her sister in law who also lives there with her children. We would like to see more synergies like this where we can work together with local churches. Sadly in many areas there are no churches at all yet. Pray for all evangelistic and church planting efforts in Isaan.

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