‘Anyone who welcomes you welcomes me’. Jesus

Evangelism in Thailand often is exhausting: Under burning sunlight, a backpack full of tracts, a bottle of water in hand walking through villages to start conversations with people.
Many times people show no interest, sometimes a person that politely listens but doesn’t seem to open up to the gospel. It leaves us with no other option than to leave some tracts behind with the silent prayer the Lord will do a miracle. Ploughing on rocks is what some might call it. The first phase of churchplanting work is not easy. And it doesn’t have to be.

That day we reached the individual. Sign of hope.

How different it was during Christmas. We organised a Christmas party for our neighbours, made sure there was good food (all Thai share a common love for good tasty food). We got to know our neighbours that we hadn’t met yet and explained why we came to Thailand. We had the opportunity to share the gospel with them.

That day we reached the 10’s.  Sign of hope.

Besides that we were able to go to 3 schools and explain the Christmas story to a lot of kids aged 6-14. In many cases they heard about Jesus for the first time in their life.

That day we reached 100’s. Sign of hope.

Jesus himself says: ‘Anyone who welcomes you, welcomes me, and anyone who welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me.’ (Matthew 10:40)

Did it ever cross your mind that at places where you are welcomed, people welcome Jesus? It is a heavy but at the same time beautiful responsibility. Wherever you go you bring Jesus with you. Make sure you are aware of the fact that wherever we go we bring Jesus with us. I right away admit I often don’t succeed. Fact is, however, that the eyes of the world are focused on us as Christians. Many choices we make or don’t make are carefully watched and unconsciously we project a certain image of Christians and thus of Jesus, on the world around us. Question remains: what does that image look like?

Please leave no possibility unused to show people around you for who you live. Jesus. Sign of hope. He’s worth it.

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