A missed opportunity

I am interested in Jesus. I will become a believer as soon as I am healed.” That was what she said to us the last time we visited her. She and her husband had come to our Sunday services for a couple of months. When we left their house that day, we were obviously disappointed and sad for her. We had told her about Jesus, prayed for her for healing but that was all we could do. Because healing comes only from God.

On 2nd April 2017, we heard the news that she had died.

In church we prayed for her husband and the people she left behind. God had given her a chance to believe in him in her last days and it is so sad that she missed that chance.

In a country where Prosperity Gospel sounds so much more attractive than what we preach, it is difficult to present to them verses like, ‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God’ or “If anyone should follow me, let Him take up his cross”. It helps to remember that many of Jesus’ followers left him when they realized that it was not just about free bread and fishes and healing, but rather about loving Jesus and trusting him no matter what.

Many people seek Christ for the blessings they would receive if they followed him. Many new believers share colourful testimonies of how they miraculously got healed or how they unexpectedly came into a certain sum of money after they prayed. But very few share about how they experienced God’s faithfulness through the storms of their lives. Very often, we see disappointed Christians going back to their old life. But then, in spite of all the ups and downs, there are those who remain faithful and those who simply remain. But we do not lose hope, our prayer and hope is that He who has begun a good work in them will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.

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