A genuine peace

In May of this year, we had a Christian baptism in our district.  As far as we know it is the first baptism to ever be conducted within the district.  The man, who was baptized, shared about his life prior to knowing Jesus Christ.  He grew up in a poor home and had a great fear of evil spirits.  He lived according to the instruction of his parents and at age 20 entered the Buddhist monkhood for 1 month.  It was a time of searching and although he considered Buddha to be a good teacher, he found no peace in his life.

The man’s wife became a Christian while living in Bangkok and after a time; he also began to call himself a Christian.  He began to listen to his wife read the Bible to him and they began to pray together.  He said that he believed the stories that his wife read about Jesus and he saw how God began to answer his basic prayers.  He began to pray for joy and peace in his life and he found that his prayers were answered.  He worked as an engineer at a factory and would also pray for solutions to mechanical problems at work, and would find that he was the only one who would be able to fix the problems.

For many years he and his wife were the only Christians to live in the district, and he greatly wanted to have other Christians to meet with and fellowship with.  He said that he prayed about this often.

Today, there is a small but faithful and growing fellowship of Christians meeting in the district.  This man is faithful to assist in any way possible and after coming along for a day of evangelism, said that if he is ever not working when we are doing evangelism, he wants to come along.  He is also excited for his parents to learn of the gospel and to believe in Jesus Christ.  He exhibits a simple faith and it is exciting to see how his prayers are answered and how he takes steps of faith according to God’s leading.  Please continue to pray for this man and for ministry in the Province of Kalasin!

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