Student worker

There were ten of them: students from Central Thailand, who came to help with evangelism in Isaan. The team was led by OMF missionaries who had started an IFES group at a Thai university. It was a culture shock for the students to come to this less developed part of Thailand. But one of them blossomed. He had roots in Isaan.

Amazed the rest of the team watched at he took the lead in evangelistic visitation, and how he freely talked about Jesus with the people he met. Only two years ago a few of them were present when his long hair was cut. He wanted to show the world he no longer wanted to go through life as a transsexual, but that he embraced his identity as a man. God brought healing for wounds from the past, and now he joyfully serves Him.

Various universities and polytechnics exist in Isaan. Students are in a phase in their lives that they are more open for the Gospel than in the years before or after. So it is a good period in their life to reach them with the Gospel.

OMF Thailand has a few student workers in other parts of the country. OMF Isaan hopes to learn from their experiences. We want to integrate student ministry with church planting, by encouraging the students who come to faith to share the Gospel in their home villages. This will be done in cooperation with the church planters in the OMF Isaan team.

Having a background in an IFES (or other Christian) student group is an advantage for this ministry.

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