Student ministry

We praise the Lord for enabling us to reach out to the overwhelming numbers of Students and professionals here in Mahasarakham, more particularly at Mahasarakham University and Rajabhat Mahasarakham University.

In July 2016, we officially openend the ‘180 Degrees’ Student Center. The Center serves as our Team Ministry Center, Student Center where Student can spend time just hanging out and us getting to know them better. We praise God for the Students that we were able to know and became closer contacts through our regular Game Nights at the Center since we opened last July. Also God has given us the opportunity to open a new English Corner at the Faculty of Informatics, adding to our existing English/Bible Club at the Faculty of Pharmacy that has been going on since 2015.

God has been gracious in giving us ways to build contacts and build friendship with many Student, Professors, Deans and people working in the offices of Mahasarakham University.

From 2017 onwards we aime to do more in engaging students through Game Nights, Sports Ministry, Youth Evangelistic Camps, English Camps,  and other creative ways. We are also targeting to be in contact with the Christian students in the University for the purpose of nurturing them while in Campus and help them become a reproducing disciple.