Every home for Christ; Christmas outreach in Nong Rua

Christmas is a beautiful time to share the good news of the Savior being born to those whom never have heard this news before. Christmas is not a public holiday in Thailand and most people think that it has something to do only with Santa Claus and presents. Shops are open as usual and children go to school. For us this provides a beautiful opportunity to go out there and share the good news of Christmas in schools and villages. Before we do the outreaches we talk with the head of the village to ask permission, which is normally no problem. One day this year we could even make use of the local temple grounds. This year we went to 4 places we had never been before.

We wanted our church members to be involved in these outreaches as well. It is good for their faith and also fun to go out together. Additionally, we don’t want people to perceive Jesus as some foreign God, but want to let them see that there are actually a lot of Thai people who believe in Him.

In the morning we went door to door and handed out a literature package that were provided to us for free by “Every home for Christ”. In the afternoon we then organized an outreach in the public meeting place of that village. In the program we played games with the children, there was a gospel presentation with the use of a short video clip and of course there were some presents. Father Kanhaa, who only came to know Christ 2 years ago, very boldly shared his testimony with the people. We tried our best to let the people know that Christmas is not about Santa Claus, which is merely a nice story that somebody made up, but is about Jesus Christ, who came from heaven to this earth to help all of humanity to be free of their sins.

This year a team of 12 people came over from Hong Kong to help us out during the outreaches. It is very special to experience that despite cultural differences; we are one in our love for our Father and our wish to see other people come to know Him too. Of course they can’t speak Thai, but people can see the love they have for them through their actions and that is a very powerful testimony too. It is quite special that every time we do this sort of outreach, door to door, we meet people who are either Christian already or have been to church before. People in Isaan move around a lot and it happens very often that Christians end up in a district where they can’t find a church. When we meet them it is an excellent opportunity to encourage them and invite them to the church in Nong Rua. We thank God that about 600 children and 200 adults heard and saw a very clear explanation of the Gospel during these outreaches. About 600 households received a literature package. We pray and believe that God will bless the word that has been sown and that it will bear its fruit in time.

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