Pro-life evangelist

A couple from church called us. A niece was on her way to Bangkok. She was already in her 7th month of pregnancy, but the parents pushed her to get an abortion. Could my friends please pick her up from the bus station and take her to an abortion clinic? What should they do?

We called around quickly. Within a few hours a solution presented itself: a place for her to stay; income; even someone willing to adopt the child. Our friends call their niece: you don’t need an abortion, we are willing to take care of you and your baby. She does not call back. A few days later she is back at her parents. She went ahead with the abortion anyway.

Between 300,000 and 900,000 abortions are yearly committed in Thailand. (Because it is illegal, it is impossible to give a precise number.) People have no idea about the development of a foetus, which results in abortion being an easy decision to make.

OMF Isaan is looking for a pro-life evangelist. Someone who goes to schools (abortions are most common among students) to tell about the development of a foetuss and about God’s plan for life and for relationships.

We are convinced that this is a great opportunity to make a contribution to fighing an important problem in Thai society, while sharing the Gospel at the same time. Contacts that are made on schools can be passed on to other team members and to churches, which helps this ministry to contribute to church planting efforts as well.

Are you interested? Let us know!