The authority of Scripture

Paul as church planter 18

‘And Paul went in, as was his custom, and on three Sabbath days he reasoned with them from the Scriptures’, Acts 17:2.

After Paul was released in Philippi and was asked to leave the city, he walked the 150 kilometers to Thessalonica. There he spoke in the synagogues and ‘reasoned with tem from the Scriptures’.

Paul had a deep conviction: God speaks to us through his Word. In every place he went he fearlessly entered the synagogue. He dialogued about what the Old Testament teaches about the Messiah, and explained how these promises were fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

However much resistance Paul encountered, he did not give up. He knew he was speaking from the Word of God. He experience how that changed people’s lives, though many in every city hardened their hearts against the message of the Lord.

Church planting is impossible without a deep trust in the authority of the Scriptures. In a world full of religions, world views, and personal opinions, in the end you will always have to confront the question- whether is comes from others or from your own heart- ‘so how do you know you are right about this?’

The only answer that sticks is: ‘I am not right, God is right. I am not sharing my opinion, I am proclaiming God’s Word. I do not have a message for the world. God has a message for the world.

One of the joys of church planting is to discover together new Christians what the Lord demands from us in his Word. In that way the Bible becomes fresh again.

Are you willing to do what God asks you to do in his Word? Even if it goes against your own feelings?

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