OMF | Missions to East Asia's People


We’re a global fellowship of Christians with a heart for East Asia.

Serving the church, sharing the gospel.

Our work is as diverse as the communities and cities we reach. From planting churches to running businesses. From practicing medicine to training Sunday school teachers.

In every area of life, we aim to present the good news of Jesus – in a way that’s right for the culture, and for the long term.


In 1866 Hudson Taylor, his wife, children and 16 missionaries left England for China.

He founded what is now OMF – with just £10, and “all the promises of God”. He prayed consistently, and God met all his needs.

Hudson believed the gospel would only take root if missionaries were willing to identify with the culture of the people they wanted to reach.

We believe that too. 150 years on, our work continues with the same pioneering spirit. The same vision. The same desire to see an authentic Christian witness flourish across East Asia. In partnership with local churches, worldwide.


Buddhism and Islam influence much of East Asia. Shintoism shapes Japan, Confucianism and Communism shape China. Millions are atheist. Many more follow traditional religions.

But what about Jesus? His church, His message?
In some nations, the church is growing rapidly. In others, people are slowly opening up.

Yet many of East Asia’s billions have never heard the good news about Christ. Often, local churches lack the resources to reach the unreached.

As OMF, we continue for them.