Itinerant evangelist

In the old, wooden house I sat cross-legged on a pillow, just like a Buddhist monk. About twenty people were sitting on the wooden floor, listening. I told them the story of the Creator-God who called this world forth from nothing, and who therefore is worthy of our worship. It was the first time ever that someone told about God in this village.

Everybody listened attentively. I knew it would not be easy to keep that attention for a long time. A first visit is something special. Everybody wants to know what this is all about. After that normally interest wanes. But a good start may, with good follow-up, still lead to good results!I

Church planting is at the heart of OMF Isaan’s ministry. It is important to us to place our team members in districts with people who are open to the Gospel. An itinerant evangelist may plan an important role in that. He goes to various districts, if possible together with Isaan Christians, for Gospel meetings. Often this happens in villages with relatives of existing Isaan Christians. OMF Isaan has a Bible van that is especially equipped for evangelistic trips like these.

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