Where can I have an abortion?

At the monthly OSCC (One Stop Crisis Center) meeting in February a nurse who works at the local abortion clinic got up and urged the participants to make it known that there are “safe” abortion opportunities in town.

Over the weekend she and her team were confronted with a failed abortion on a 17 year old student. This student knew that she could not go to the local hospital for an abortion because it is illegal and the hospital will not perform one, she went to an unqualified person thinking it was her only option. I will spare you the details of what was done to her. However, after 3 days of excruciating pain and bleeding the girl had to return to the same place because the fetus had not come out. She received more injections and the pain and bleeding got heavier until she could not stand it any longer and finally went to the local hospital. From there she was referred to the official abortion clinic in the provincial capital where the dead fetus was removed and the girl received treatment for her infection.

How will we react when we meet women who are not responding to any counselling or help? Women who only want to know where they can have an abortion. Will we send them away and let them end up in the hands of a quack or will we let them know about this “safe” clinic?

May the God of life and love give us the grace and mercy to serve Him and these women in a way that honors him.

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