Eating pork on the rock

I once taught a seeker about Jesus being the rock, referring to the story Jesus told in Matthew 7. This man’s life had been shaken thoroughly. He needed something to cling on to, something that could not be moved.

Now I do realize that I used this story out of its context. This story is not about Jesus being a rock. It teaches that listening to Jesus’ teaching and obeying him is like building your house on a rock.

But as always, Jesus loves to make something good from something bad. And that’s what Jesus did with my teaching. This man came to see Jesus as his stronghold. He just told us that he wants to be baptized. On top of this, the real meaning of the story has become true in this man’s life. He wants to follow and obey Jesus in every aspect of life. He wants to do what the Bible tells till the last detail.

Last week he bought a nice Thai dish with pork. Before starting his dinner, he read some parts from the Old Testament. He confessed that this time, he didn’t listen to what the Bible said. He ate his meal with pork, even though he just read God told the Jews not to do so. I am glad I could give him some good teaching on that one.

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