A walk in the Forest

Last year, we had an outing to the nearby mountains with some of our Thai friends.  As we walked along through the forest, they continued to point to the many species of plants and flora that were edible.  It seemed to me as if nearly everything around us could have been eaten.  This is not the only time that we have seen our Thai friends’ knowledge of nature and the edible.  We have often been able to enjoy (Well, mostly enjoy) many amazing dishes with plants freshly picked from around us.

We have also been able to gain an amazing amount of protein from things I would have not previously considered eating.  Everything from the beetles that fly into our house at night, to the ant eggs that are harvested from our nearby trees. We praise God that He has blessed the Thai people with an abundantly fruitful land and we pray that as they are enjoying the creation, that they will not stop there, but that they will seek to know of the Great Creator!

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