400 students and papaya-salad out in the fields

For one week a team of 15 church members (12 of them students aged 15-22 years) with their pastor and his wife and the youth pastor escaped the life in the city of Hong Kong with all its busyness, skyscrapers and cramped living spaces and came to the Northeast of Thailand with all its simplicity, agriculture landscape and wideness. The reason for this was to assist us in our local pioneer church planting work and to experience missionary work up close.

We contacted a school in a district we hope to start a group with interested people to study the bible. They opened the doors for us and we could do an English Camp for two days. The 400 students who met our team teaching mainly conversation at 6 different stations had so much fun, that more than 100 of them came back on the third day when it was optional, which none of their own teachers would have expected! Every last session we had the opportunity to share the gospel with songs, a mime and could give out gospel tracts and New Testaments. Besides that the team was involved in an evangelistic outreach in a village, at Sunday worship with our small group of believers and the weekly prayer meeting at a church members place. The family prepared the meal for that evening. To eat “somtam” (spicy papaya salad), sticky rice with fried chicken and pork (all famous Isaan food) on a bamboo kind of table, surrounded by rice fields, moonlight and peacefulness, was only one of the great highlights for the team.

We praise God for this highly motivated and passionate team who was a great encouragement for us and our small group of Christians and we praise God that he is faithful to his promises and will use the love shared and the seed of the kingdom of God sown in the heart of those who still live in the darkness.

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