Financial support

All missionaries in our team are supported by churches, friends and family members. Most of us are blessed to be fully supported and enabled to fullfill the task God has called us to do.

Still, our work is partly dependend on financial support from individuals, churches and organizations. These funds are used to develop materials for the wider team or local churches, evangelistic resources like audio player for illiterate people and trainings organized for the local churches.

We also try to find financial support for our colleagues from so called ‘low income nations’. These former receiving countries, are now ready to send workers oversea to share the gospel. Often, financial restraints form a barrier to actualy go. The last few years we have been able to cover work expenses of several missionaries in our team. We hope to enable these brothers and sisters to share the love of Christ among to people of Isaan in the future too.

Over the last 5 years we have had a yearly budget of about 45.000 USD. If you would like to receive more and detailed information about the handling of finances in our team, please let us know and we will provide that information.

Donations can be made through local OMF offices with specification of P68209 – Isaan Outreach.
To locate your nearest OMF office visit If you can’t find the information you need, feel free to contact us.