What do you actually have in your bag?

A sigh escapes… This afternoon we plan to go back into our neighbourhood. To see what the sowing of the word has led to. I feel a little gloomy. How will all efforts put in so far develop? Grandma Pok indicated a few weeks ago that she wants to become a Christian, but yesterday when I popped in she was too busy and seems to keep a distance. And sister Nung had asked if she could go to church, but the second Sunday she came to say that she could not come, because she had other things to do. It weighs heavy on my heart. A voice in my head whispers: Don’t you see? There is not going to be any fruit. The ground is too hard here in Thailand. When I talk about this with sister Thi she has exactly the same feeling. “You know, sister Thi, let’s pray and bring these feelings and our doubts to God. After all, it is His church, and it is His work.”

A few hours later we enter the neighbourhood. Grandma Pok is not at home. Then first to sister Nung. She welcomes us warmly. It’s nice and good to have a chat with her and speak about Jesus. She still seems to want to go to church.

With new found strength we move on to visit grandma Pok. She is chatting with other ladies a few houses down the road. Before we say hello, I say to sister Thi: “If we have the opportunity, you tell the story of the prodigal son, okay?” We receive a warm welcome and join the group of three women. We chat a bit. The ladies want to know a lot and have a lot of questions about us living is this neighbourhood. “What do you actually have in your bag? What’s in there? “

“Thank you Lord,” I pray quietly. “We brought a book with pictures to tell stories. Would you like to hear a story?” Sure enough, all are up for a good story. But the foreigner must tell it. I hesitate because of the fact that I do not yet know the stories in Thai well enough. The ladies insist and eventually I give in. With the help of sister Thi, we tell the story of the prodigal son and of the Father who is on the lookout.
“Lord, how good you are. If we don’t know anymore, you will. You have everything in your hand.” We return home with new found strength and a grateful heart. “Lord, let this seed fall on good soil so that it may bear much fruit.”

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