The light of Jesus in a package

We are visiting all the villages in our district to hand out Christian literature to every household. Walking door to door, handing out literature packages from Every home for Christ ( in our district is a very good experience in a lot of ways:

Gospel to every home: The goal is to bring a set of evangelistic literature to every house in the district where we work. This way every household has the chance to read and to know about the Gospel in their own house.

Get to know your team: To visit every house is a huge task. Not something you do on your own. Church members, friends, team members and volunteers are helping to fulfill this task. So while you work or drive, there are lots of informal opportunities to talk about fun or serious things.

Different villages: The size of the different villages is one thing you notice very quickly. Some are only 20 houses, others more than 200. Some, especially at the border of  the district, are only accessible by dirt road. But if you walk through  the small alleys or streets you notice a lot more. Some villages have lots of big houses en nice gardens. Those are the houses from foreigners married with a Thai. Some live there, others only come to visit once in a while.  Sometimes all the houses have bi-lingual nametags on it,  and in some villages the houses are so tight next to each other that you can hardly see where one house stops and the other begins. Sometimes there is hardly any loitering while in other places you can find everything near the sidewalk of the street. And then you have the villages where you feel that you are not welcome. That the light of Jesus is a danger to the people.

Different People: in one village all the people we met asked how much they had to pay for the booklets. Others are really happy and can’t wait until we are out of sight so that they can open their gift.

Different languages: Although that we live in Isaan, where the majority speaks Isaan, there are quite a few villages or part of villages where Thai live and where they speak Thai.

Knowledge of the gospel:  In most of the places we come there is hardly no knowledge at all about the Gospel and no know Christians in the village.

And this last point is the reason why we do it and that we must finish the task of visiting all the 12,000 houses in our district to bring the light of Jesus.

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