The story of Phii Fon

Phii Fon was running away from an abusive husband and sitting on a roadside when a Christian lady talked to her. They talked about Jesus and how he can help her. Phii Fon became interested in this God, who could help her and later became a Christian. Although her family was dead against her new religion, she was determined to stick to her faith. That was 16 years ago. She later married a Frenchman and lived in Paris. She came back this year to visit her parents. And she was so happy to see that her parents and three of her sisters had become Christians too. In fact, her parents and one of her sisters were the first to take Baptism in our newly planted church.

She also wanted to take Baptism as a public declaration of her faith in Jesus and so took Baptism in our church. A couple of weeks ago, we went to their village and distributed tracts. Phii Fon also accompanied us during this time and she told me, “For 16 years, I was the only Christian in this village. I had no one to talk to about my faith. My mother would get angry every time I tried to talk to her about it. But thank God, today I have other people, including my own family, to praise God with, in this village.” Yes, we join you in praising the Lord for His wonderful work in your family and in your village.

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