An empty agenda

A full agenda, we’re used to that. Usually, we keep ourselves busy all the time and try to plan as much as possible in a day.  We found out though, that an empty agenda can be very useful as well: When we returned to Isaan after the delivery of our fourth child, we had to figure out our daily routine again, but we also had to figure out our possibilities in ministry. This was a challenge for Mark, since Anne-Marie takes care of the children and the baby, most of her time and because of that, she is not able to help Mark in ministry.
Then Kat, a Christian teenager, told Mark he would like some help in learning English and math.

Mark offered to help him, since he had time anyway, and Kat brought some friends to the English class along with him. Kat suggested sharing the Gospel with his friends during these classes as well. Since then, every time they meet, Kat teaches his friends a Christian Thai song, while Mark teaches a Bible story in both Thai and English. They also pray together. We hope that these teenagers may come to believe and accept Jesus as their Savior!
This was a good lesson for ourselves that it is sometimes good not to keep a too tight agenda, but to wait for the Lord, Who can make use of our empty agenda’s very well!

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