Welcome home

Welcome home!’; the title I gave to this article. It felt like home indeed, returning to our village in Isaan after a 3 month home-assignment in the Netherlands.

It was funny to notice how quickly we got used to the Thai way of life again. OK, the first miles on the road were hard again: driving on the left lane, grabbing for the gear where there is no gear, phew! We do appreciate the fact that at the gas station the filling of the tank is done for us, instead of doing it by ourselves.

When we entered our village, we saw to our surprise that the doors were opened and a bunch of children came out of our house.

Our Thai friend thought to do us a favor by opening the door of our house before our arrival. We appreciated the gesture, but the fact that our house was opened for anyone to enter…

Later on, we discovered that some kitchen utensils had disappeared. We found out that our Thai friend borrowed some of our things ‘since we weren’t there anyway’. Also, our electricity bill was pretty high, high enough for the use of 1 room with air conditioner… It sounds logical, but it’s a totally different way of thinking than ours! We really had to change our mindset again: We’re in Thailand again!

We were also reminded of the luxury of having running water all day long… Just 2 days before our arrival, there was no water in the village anymore. Fortunately, we could arrange some water and our pump started to work after some days. At least there’s some water in our tanks now!

Our 2 cats – who daily were fed in our house by our Thai friend – had found shelter at our neighbors. To our surprise and with happiness, they came and live with us from the moment we returned! Apparently, they feel at home in our house as well.

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