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Last night we were happily eating our dinner. It was already dark, but because our dining room is outside at one point we saw a big truck that came to a stop in our street. A few moments later there were more cars and it started to get really busy. Hmm, that’s strange at eight o”clock in the evening. Normally our neighbors start to get ready for bed already at this time, but not so tonight. To our surprise we learn that the weekly market has moved to the street in front of our house. Just to let you know, this is not a small market with small market stands. People everywhere are very busy making huge tents across the whole width of the street. They put up big poles and ropes in our garden, and attach them to the roof of our house. We are friendly people.
At twelve o’clock everything is quiet again. The market is set up and the salespeople are sleeping in their booths on the street or in their cars.

In the meantime we began to get a little worried. We needed to get out with the car early morning, and as far as we could see our entrance was blocked by respectively a clothing shop, a restaurant and a shop full of items selling for 9 Baht (25 Euro cents). We also remembered that the market normally gets quite noisy even from a distance of half a kilometer away. Let alone just below your wood-panelled bedroom! And yes, the next morning: ‘nine baht, baht niiiine baht, niiinnnneeeehh baathhh’. We looked at the clock (still showing a 4) and we looked at each other and with a sigh we put our pillow over our head.

At six o’clock people called for us. All items in the tent were moved to the side and we could get out of the driveway, through the clothes shop, the restaurant, through the nine baht tent and there we are! Thai people are very friendly. The end is good, all is good.

At least we no longer have to cross the big busy road anymore to go to the market.  Everything comes right to our front door, from bicycle pumps to underwear and from trees to fish. Life in Thailand is everything except dull!

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