Confusion at T-junction

’It’s for the spirits, so that they don’t get confused. Because spirits travel in straight lines and this is a T-junction, that will confuse them’’ one of my neighbours replied when I asked her about the small construction in the middle of the road. A small pile of sand, ornamented with empty water bottles and tree branches. It’s a spirit-altar at the T-junction near our house just like at many other T-junctions in the neighbourhood. Someone else said ‘’In the wooden structure in the middle people discard evil things, symbolized by hair and nails they cut off’’.

Whatever the meaning of this structure, it shows how 8Isaan people are very much concerned with the spirit world in their day to day life. No matter how ordinary, it may be a tree, a road or a paddy field, these areas have spiritual meaning. Pray for the people in our neighbourhood and in the whole of Isaan that they might know the authority of the Lord Jesus, who is seated at the right hand of God. That they may realise that when they trust in Him, they do not have to be afraid for spirits anymore.


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