The seasons, they are a-changing!

We have noticed that the rain showers are subsiding and we appear to be nearing the end of the rainy season here in Thailand. Rainy season is known in Thailand as the season in which an increase in bugs and animals enter houses looking to escape from the water saturated ground.  Though we have so far avoided having a snake enter our house, we have had our fair share of spiders, bugs as well as a large centipede.

However, the most annoying intruder for us is the number of ants. They enter through every nook and cranny and are nearly impossible to get rid of.

Although it is sometimes clear that they are going for food, sometimes they seem to be going for things that make much less sense to us.  Which brings me to today’s short story titled…I’ve got ants in my pants.

Bathing is a welcome relief during the days of heat and rain.  However, we have noticed that the very small biting red ants will sometimes gather on our otherwise clean bath towels.  If they go unnoticed, then while drying one’s body, we are also unknowingly spreading these red ants all over our body.  On numerous occasions during this rainy season, we have finished our showers (and maybe already gotten dressed), only to find that we have spread these ants all over our body.  We usually begin to notice as they begin to bite, and leave a great trail of bites as we struggle to get them out.  During this painful and irritating process, undoubtedly someone in our family will begin jokingly saying; “You got ants in your pants and it makes you want to do the buggy dance.”  Though this is an interesting experience, it’s one we hope that we can leave behind as we leave the rainy season and enter the cool season.

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