When God works

“I want to be baptized by water, I want to obey the Lord” said Mr. Mii an 80 plus years old man. He said this as we were studying the conversion of Saul from the book of Acts at the Bible study group in his home. We talked about how the Lord had called Saul and how he had responded to that calling and that was followed by water baptism.

Mr Mii has been very strong in his faith ever since he committed his life to the Lord. Physically, he is not strong anymore but every Monday he sweeps the house and eagerly waits for us,  to study the Bible together. This was the first time that he had heard the word ‘baptism’ he had no idea about what it meant. So we took some time to explain to him about the meaning of baptism and its significance. He responded to this by saying “I want to obey the Lord. I want to be baptized too.” It is so amazing to witness the wonderful work of the Holy Spirit in this man’s life.

Just imagine, living in a very community oriented culture where everyone practices the old religion and you decide to come out of that but you are still living in that community. It is not an easy decision because there are pressures from the society, from your family and friends and people are ridiculing the decision you have made. It has not been easy for him too. One day, Mr. Mii told us that some of the villagers were laughing at him because of his faith. So we told him the story of Noah about how the people around him did not believe him and how they mocked Noah saying that he had gone mad.  Mr Mii remembered the story from the mp3 which had been given to him. He said that the people laughed at Noah while he was building the ark, and now people are laughing at him for following Christ but he had forgiven them for this and was waiting for the Lord to take him home.

We have met many people who  complain about their health all the time and even blame God for not healing them right away but the story of Mr Mii is very different. Even though he has been suffering from severe headaches and neck pain for some years as a result of an accident in the past he still says “though I  have severe pain I have joy in my heart”.  What a testimony! Do we also have the same kind of faith and joy in our heart when we go through different challenges in our life?

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