What are those?

One day, after several months living in Isaan, I glanced at my feet and to my surprise, noticed a strange new growth from the sides of each one of my feet (I will spare you the picture!).  At first glance, I became quite concerned that these were either massive plantar warts, an infection, or some sort of tropical tumor that had begun growing on my feet.  But after a closer examination, I discovered that these “large” growths were actually calluses that had developed due to always sitting cross-legged on the floor.

Over the next few weeks, out of curiosity, I began paying closer attention to feet.  I noticed that you could actually tell who sat on the floor often and who didn’t based on the development of calluses on the side of their feet.  Though this is a basically insignificant development for anyone outside, I praised God that He had provided me these calluses, which demonstrated to me that He had given me opportunities to sit among the Isaan people and share life with them!

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