Tramps for God

Once the Lord Jesus sent out the apostles without money (see Matthew 10), and together with three other missionaries and an Isaan Christian, I decided to follow that example. We didn’t do so because we read the instructions from Matthew as an absolute rule for missions. For who is interested: contrary to the apostles I did take a second pair of underpants with me. But we wanted to do this to experience God’s provision and God’s guidance.

It was a special trip. We personally experienced the wisdom of Christ’s command to the apostles. What is so good about having no money when you travel around to preach the Gospel? First, it makes you dependent on God. I can guarantee, it is different whether you so grace for your meal or whether you pray you will get a meal. And when you are trusting God, you see God answering prayers. Two times during the four days it looked like we were stuck. Two times we prayed. And both times we were hospitably received in the very next village. Second, it  makes you dependent on people. We told people we came to share about Jesus. If they were happy to offer a meal and a place to stay, that already says something about their openness for the Gospel. And you develop a much closer bond with people than when you retreat to your own place. Third, it makes you try your best. If there is no interest in the Gospel in three villages, you are far more motivated to try a fourth if you know otherwise you won’t have a meal or a bed. We went on our way without money. And we came back richer.’

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