Opening church and baptism

After two years living in Manchakhiri we had our first baptism service last month! At this service we also officially started the church in Manchakhirie. We thank God for His ongoing work!

Normally, we have a Sunday service with about 4 Christians (they became Christians before we came to work in this small town) and 10 children. But this Sunday our colleagues with the Christians they know came to celebrate with us. We were able to use the meeting room of a primary school and this morning it was filled with 50 adults and 30 children! Praise the Lord for His work.

It is wonderful to realize that 6 years ago the first OMF missionaries came to Isaan and started with one church. Now we see that God has gathered more Thai into His Kingdom who are able to worship God with other Christians in small groups.

During the church service the Christians in Manchakhiri were officially asked to become members of this church. At the moment the leadership of the church is still in the hands of the missionaries, but we aim to have Thai elders in the future.

At the end of the service a dream of one of the Christians became reality. In our small town we have a parade for a Buddhist festival. One of the Christians was looking forward to have a parade with Christians. Well, after the church service we drove with 10 cars through the ‘high street’ of the town to the lake were Sang got baptized. Sang started to believe a few months ago and it is a privilege to see him trusting in the Lord Jesus and obeying God. Praise God and pray that His church will grow in love, maturity and more believers!’

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