Missionary: The best career choice

Serving God brings great joy. I would not want to exchange it for anything in the world. But sometimes the old man rears his ugly head. A few years back I had a moment like that (well, actually, I have these moments daily, but I’d like to tell about one from a few years back).

Within a few weeks I heard about several friends from my student days. One had become a vice-mayor of one of the largest cities in the Netherlands. The second one had earned his first million. The third one just had become a full professor. And I? I was trying, with only moderate success, to plant a small church in Thailand. What a loser I am! I quickly regained the right perspective. And often that is confirmed, like this week. For the first time I heard the story of how one of our church members got crippled and lost the use of his legs. As a boy of 12 he was accidentally shot. For the last 40 years he has not been able to walk. “But”, he sad with a grin on his face, “I thank God for it. Otherwise I would never have met you. And then I would never have known God.” This man has the courage to see his life in the perspective of eternity. That changes the whole equation of what is important and of what sacrifices are worth making. It encouraged and humbled me. Through God’s grace we missionaries are offering something that is worth more than anything this world has to offer. Therefore it’s my dream career. Serving God brings great joy. I would not want to exchange it for anything in the world!

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