In the church everyone feels welcome!

We have a Thai evangelistic website. In fifteen lessons students go through the main themes of the Bible. Our hope of course is that they come to faith and join a church.

On the internet it is easy to be anonymous. To make the connection from internet to a Christian in real life is not all that easy. A while ago I talked to the mentor of many of the internet students. Every week a few of them finish the course.

I asked whether we should not focus more on the churches, and help them to connect well with the people we send to them. The mentor looked surprised. “Why? In the church everyone feels welcome.”

Her certainty struck me. I was also struck by how self-evident that was to her. And most of all I was struck by the fact that her statement was based on the experiences of her students. When they went to a church, they were made to feel welcome. That’s what happens in a church, doesn’t it?

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