Last march our family returned back to our little village Nong Song Hong after an absence of 15 months due to medical reasons. Coming back after a long period was a challenge, especially with a new baby. How would the people react? Would they be happy to see us, as we were longing to see them or were we forgotten already? What was the state of the house we rent? How is the little church doing we left on its own long ago? Not that we didn’t hear from them but still, what was the real story?

How wonderful was it when we arrived at our house, full  with all the people we missed. The elder of the church organized it and invited everybody.  The house was clean and neat, they brought food and drinks and waited patiently for our arrival. After one and a half hour the left us by our selves because the thought that we would need  rest after the long drive from Bangkok.

Why were they there waiting for us? It seems that we made an impact in their lives. We left in a hurry due to the operation of José. I visited twice during the absence but when we were actually back, they were amazed that we gave up our comfortable live in the Netherlands again to live with them, for them. Not many of them are Christian, but we are sure that the Christian life we live has a permanent impact in their lives.

Please help us to pray that one day, the impact will be enough to bring them to Jesus

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