How God used cancer

“I have heard the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ when I was working in a factory” said Ms Canya. “Many of my friends would go and hide whenever they see Christians coming to the factory. I personally, was not interested in the gospel as well but I still listened and I told that I too believe in God but don’t have time to go to church.” After some time Ms Canya was diagnosed with cancer and everyone who went to visit her thought that she wouldn’t make it, because she was so weak, couldn’t talk, couldn’t eat and even the doctors said that they could not continue giving her medicine unless she gains some weight. Her mother and some of her relatives took her to different places for healing, they took her to see witch doctors, renowned religious leaders but none of them could help her. When the people from the church heard about her sickness they went to visit her again. They prayed and shared the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ again. That evening Ms Canya accepted Jesus as her personal Lord and Saviour.

Ms Canya said “I am so happy that the Lord found me in His perfect time. I thank God for the cancer because that led me to Christ and now other cancer patients are coming to me to be comforted and be encouraged. Praise God that I am able to share my experience and above all I am able to share about the wonderful saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am so happy because I have found real joy in Christ.” When Ms Canya came to the church for the first time she had no hair yet, she was still weak but she came to church faithfully, always with big smile on her face. She is still under medication but God is healing her. People who knew her often asked her why she is so happy all the time and she would answer to them that it’s because of Jesus. What a testimony! She was baptized a few weeks ago and has been a great encouragement to the church and also to the people who are going through cancer. It is such a blessing to witness Ms Canya not only coming to the Lord but actually very passionate about reaching others with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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