The rainy season is about to start. If you haven’t noticed the thunderstorms and showers at night, you would notice the creation changing around you. Yellow paddy fields are turning fluorescent green, trees that seemed to be dead are blossoming. The nice scenery and low temperatures are very welcome after months of heat and drought.

It is also time to make something of our garden. Because of the showers small grassroots are already growing, but there is still a big pile of dirt that needs to be levelled. We wonder, who in the neighbourhood could help us with that?

We don’t know what to do. That evening a tractor passes by, I run outside! ‘Could you maybe help us level our garden, I ask the man driving the tractor’. The man turns out to be one of our neighbours who we haven’t met yet. Even before he drives his tractor to our garden he asks ‘Teacher, I would like to know more about the Bible, could you tell me more?’ It turns out that seeds of the gospel were sown in the garden of his heart some 40 years ago. He knows about Noah, Adam and Eve and Moses. The next evening I visit him with the elder from the church of Yang Sisurat. We pray that this man will come to know the Lord and that this little grass root will be the start in a district that is spiritually dry!

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