Father and son

One of his first words were; ‘what do I have to do to become a Christian’. We met him during a door-to-door outreach in our village. When we got to know father Kanhaa better he told us about the difficult times he had been through the past few years. Despite he is only in his 50’s, father Kanhaa was not very healthy. Some time ago he had a stroke and could not use his hands and legs anymore. Also, because he has kidney failure, he needs dialysis 4 times a day. On top of that his daughter had passed away recently and his son had left the house and had not contacted them for more than a year. ‘I was very depressed’ he said later.

Over the weeks we saw his health improving. He started to walk and also his speech got better. God is helping me, ‘I’m feeling stronger, I’m feeling better’ he always said when we visited him.

One day when we were talking about his son, we told him the story about the prodigal son. We wanted father Kanhaa get to know his Heavenly Father. Also we wanted father Kanhaa to know that God knew about him and about his situation. After that we prayed together for his son to come home.

A few weeks later it was Songkran, the Thai new year. Many people take this time as an opportunity to bless and honor their parents and people of old age, by pouring perfumed water over their hands. We decided to do this at the house of father Kanhaa, since there would be no one else doing it. We prepared everything, went to the house, but to our big surprise we were welcomed by a young boy. The prodigal son had returned! Quickly we gave the perfumed water to the boy and he in turn blessed his parents.

At this moment, a year later, the boy is still living with his parents. He works and shares a part of his earnings with his parents. father Kanhaa was baptized a few weeks ago. His wife will be baptized in the near future. Together they hardly ever miss a Sunday service. Father Kanhaa is a great witness. Wherever he goes he tells about how God has changed his life. Or in his own words; ‘it’s like God gave me a really big present, a really big present!’

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