Choi became a member of our church when he took baptism in October 2016. Even before he took baptism, he attended church regularly for almost a year. He cannot read or write and his speech is slurred, he is “special”. He is the kind of person, who makes people laugh- at him. They make jokes at his expense knowing that he would not understand their sarcasm or the simple fact that they are making fun of him.

But Choi loves coming to the church, because in church, he is treated with respect as everyone else.  Every Sunday morning, he is the first one to reach the church. He will greet us with a wide smile on his face and a “Sawatdi Krap” and tell us that he has finished mopping the floors or the bathrooms. He is ever ready to help anyone without a hint of hesitation. He volunteers to help in outreaches and visitations. If people are rude to him he just smiles and keeps quiet. If you meet him anytime, you will find his pockets filled with Bible/Gospel tracts ready to be handed out to someone, with every opportunity that comes.

Now, he has a burden for his family. Every time he sees us, he invites us to visit his family to share the gospel with them and to pray for them. Although we do not see any interest in his family yet, we are sure God will one day open their eyes and ears because of the prayers of Choi. After all, Choi is a child of our gracious Father too.

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