Big encouragement from small talk

Two years ago we started a cell group at Baan Kohklam village. Phii Nii was one of the leading members of that group so we wanted to train her up to be the leader of that group. But after some months, she made excuses and could not turn up for the Bible study for months. So the idea of having a cell group in Baan Khoklam was abandoned. However, Phii Nii comes to church regularly on Sundays and she even attended some training programs along with other church members.

On one occasion, while she was attending a Church leaders’ training program, she had a conversation with a lady from the church in Waengyai.  In the course of their conversation, the lady from Waengyai told her that the church in Waengyai was established by a missionary with the help of local Thai believers; the missionary stayed with them for about three years and then left for another place to start a new church. So the lady told her that while there were missionaries in her church she should try to learn as much as possible from them, because missionaries are like constructors of buildings, when they finish building they will move to another place to build another building.  And the house they have built is to be taken care of by the people living in it. After this conversation, Phii Nii came back ready to be trained for cell group leadership in her village.

We are encouraged to see our Christian brothers and sisters encouraging each other. We have started meeting with her and it is a joy to teach her. We compare her to a dry sponge that soaks up all the liquid. She is very excited about it, she told us that in the past she was not ready to take up responsibility but now she is ready to serve the Lord in every possible way. She said, “I don’t want these Christian brothers and sisters to fall back into their past ways when there are no longer missionaries to shepherd them.” The Christian love that she has for other members is also very encouraging. She spends long hours praying for Christian friends and also for a number of people personally so that they will come to know Christ. A couple of days ago, we found her helping a new Christian friend plant rice in her field for two whole days without pay because the friend did not have money to hire a labourer. Phi Nii has been a Christian for only four years but we already have a lot to learn from her. Our prayer is that there will be more people like her to keep the torch of the gospel burning in Kaengkhro district.

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