Being church (2)

So Being a church can be done during the dishes.

Last week, being church became visible in a different way. In the village of Baan Waai Luum, not 2 or 3 believers came together this week. For a day and a half we were supported and encouraged by Thai students and staff from the city, helped by American staff members of Campus Outreach. With 50 men this group could not remain unseen.

Although the local believers are familiar with the villagers, this group conducted English classes at the local primary school and continued to build bridges at school after school time to share the gospel. Connected in Christ, American, Dutch and Thai believers mixed up to hand out leaflets and to invite an evangelistic meeting in the evening.

The next day ended with prayer for the 1000 people in this village and the other 80,000 people in the district who do not know the Lord Jesus yet.

Being church physically connected for a day and a half and then again connected by God, the Creator of heaven and earth, the creator of the (world) church!

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