A one in a million chance

Our truck is filled with all our belongings as we head out to Isaan. We’re leaving Lopburi, where we lived for a year. On the way to Isaan we talk about our expectations for the time to come and also about our worries. How will we ever reach the people in Nadun -the district we’re going to live- with the gospel? How will we meet the right people? As we are driving for four hours already, it is time to have some lunch. We stop at a restaurant along the way, still an hour and a half away from our destination. We get out of our car and as soon as we sit down to eat our food, a Thai lady comes to our table and sits down. She asks if we are Christians. Yes we are, we respond. As we start talking, it becomes clear that she is the wife of a pastor from a village near the place where Sijmen and Annelies den Hartog are working. Her motorcycle broke down and that is why she is stuck at the restaurant. She was on her way to help another church organize a Christmas outreach. We talk about Nadun and she mentions a name of someone there who supposedly is a Christian!

We exchange our contact details with her, and feel very sorry we can’t take her to the place she is planning to go to, because, (as she wants to see for herself too) our car is filled to the top.
As we continue our journey, we don’t talk about our plans or worries anymore. Instead we marvel at God’s goodness! We talk about His promises, because His promises are true! What an encouragement for us to see that God is in control, even in the midst of transitions. What are the changes of meeting an Isaan Christian at a random restaurant in the middle of nowhere?! God shows there is no reason to worry, as He is in control and He is with us.

Joshua 1: 9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go

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