Blessed are the feet of those who bring good news!

Sunday @10:00a.m. we walked through the streets of Baan Sawaangwarii with loads of Gospel materials and engaged everyone we came across with. This is a 2-3 times a month, Sundays Church activity with couple of Church members of Mahasarakham Baptist Church.

All walks of Life.

We encountered almost all of the Isan people from all walks of life – but most of them were the elderly. Since it’s Sunday, people are usually home and it’s good to meet Professionals, Students and some of them are people who are working in Bangkok or other larger cities and just came home for a weekend break. We kind of hit two birds in one stone by meeting and observing the Isan family time and at the same time telling them about Jesus.

Most of them are “accomodating” and its hard to spot those who are willing to get the acquaintance into the next level. Thai or Isan are friendly people and so they will accomodate you in everyway possible yet getting into deeper conversation is another thing – and it’s not a piece of cake.

Consistency is the key.
To get into the hearts of these people consistency is the key. If we have to give tracks all over again on the same village just to make friends, then we will do it. Working with the Isan requires spending a lot of time and being consistent with your smile and intention to make friends.

This is one of those times where we wear smiles, give away Gospel materials and simply say – Jesus loves you.

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