Church planters

“I am from Chaiyaphum province. A while ago I visited my relatives over there. I told them I believe in Jesus now. Quite a few people wanted to know more. Will you go with me to share the Gospel?” She came from a district in Isaan where there is not a single church. What an opening! I was happy to promise it to her.”

This happened a few years back, but I’ve still never been there. It just did not happen. I lost touch with the woman who asked me. There are so many opportunities, but I can use so few of them. There are so many bridges into the unreached communities of Isaan, but so few people who walk them.

In all of Isaan there are over 100 districts that don’t have a single church. In each districts tens of thousands of people are living who have never heard the Gospel. Our most pressing need in the OMF Isaan team is for pioneers who are willing to go into the districts without churches and plant churches. We don’t send people into districts without any link. We are actively looking for bridges into these communities. We are looking for indications that the Holy Spirit has prepared people to receive the Gospel.

Each district consists of dozens of villages. Except for planting a church in the district town, part of the task of church planters is to start house groups in as many villages as possible. These house groups hopefully grow into house churches when people come to the Lord.

A misunderstanding that makes many people hesitant to become a church planter, is that they think you have to have the gift of evangelism. That is not the case. Of course you need a deep desire to share the Gospel. But good evangelists often are not good church planters, and good church planters are often not good evangelists. To plant a church you need a lot more than evangelism. A church planters is someone who can bring all elements for a sound church together: the teaching of the apostles-inside and outside the church-, fellowship, breaking of bread, and prayer, see Acts 2:42. Therefore the gift of leadership is more important than the gift of evangelism.

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Applications are handled by national OMF offices, see here. If there is no national office in your country, please contact us directly and we will tell you how to proceed.